What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is the most potent and personalized way for already successful professionals to become more influential and more impactful leaders generating a positive impact on people and business results.

Coaching helps people refine their thinking, expand their perspective,  adapt their behaviours and become a more effective communicator in order to best meet the needs of each moment in their careers.

Executive coaching can be successfully applied to individuals, teams and organizations as a tool for change and growth.


What is our philosophy at Lead to Growth Coaching ?

Lead to Growth Coaching is an Executive Coaching firm based on the notion that coaching should be insightful, results oriented and practical.


These are the pillars we find crucial to building a solid foundation for success as a leader:


Growth is Change framed in a Positive Way. Change is constant. Growth must also be


The things that lead to success at any given time are unlikely to be the same things required for success in the next moment.


The impact of coaching is both direct and indirect. Coaching has a direct impact on the coachees, and the improvements leaders make are felt by and impact a much wider group of teammates, colleagues, partners or stakeholders.  There is a ripple effect that happens. Coaching one leader is a catalyst for widespread change.


The impact of human capital on business is enormous and the ability to adapt attitudes, behaviours and communication in an agile way to meet market demand is possibly the most important factor leading to success, surpassing by far strategic or technical considerations.


Fortunately, learning to adapt is a skill that can be developed, practised and mastered by anyone willing to put in the effort.


Executive coaching is the single most powerful and impactful way to identify and strengthen the skills that will allow leaders to be successful change agents.


That is something extremely powerful.


Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be.

Good Coaching can get you there.

A few of my Happy Customers

Daniel Vidal Lopez
Daniel Vidal LopezDirector of IT, Ezentis Group

After 16 years working at Abengoa, the business I ran was sold to Ericsson. I worked with Michele to support me and my team on adapting to the new organizational structure and culture. After about a year the company was again sold to a business with a very different culture and also business model. I again called upon Michele to support us through the transition
Michele is an experienced coach who listens deeply and is able to help her clients pinpoint and differentiate the important issues from the fluff. I felt comfortable discussing sensitive topics with her. Her wide industry knowledge and cross cultural experience was key to helping me widen my perspective and bring valuable context to my team in a moment of uncertainty.

Erika Tepler
Erika TeplerMarketing Manager at the Start-up Panion

It was fabulous to have Michele as a thinking partner during a time in my life in which I was struggling to find my place within an organization with a command and control culture and leadership style with which I didn´t feel personally identified. I then started contemplating some big changes both on a personal and professional level. Michele supported me during a radical career change and then a move to another country. She helped me gain perspective and sort through many doubts and worries. She coached to my strengths always highlighted my demonstrated ability to adapt to change successfully and the life skills I have that would allow me to affront these new changes successfully and with confidence.

internal communication

Client Success Stories

I used to get frustrated by problems with internal communication, especially when trying to work with people from other departments. Instead of allowing personalities and politics to blur my perspective, I now take a pragmatic approach to leadership. Anyone who is serving as a leader in the context of a difficult political structure or within a cumbersome hierarchy will benefit from Michele´s coaching, expertise and insights.

Success Story

Dealing with any of these issues…

Conflict Resolution -Building Trust and Accountability - Creating High Performace Teams -Effective communication especially with cross-(dis)functional and cross-cultural teams - Work Life Balance -Building Resilience -Dealing with Change and Uncertaintly

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