A behaviouralist at heart, Michele H. Cohen works at the intersection of business and human behavior.

Profesional Bio

Michele is a highly experienced International Executive Coach who supports successful profesionals from across the globe at all stages of their careers, serving entrepreneurs to growth stage start-ups to leaders at Fortune 500s. Prior to launching her coaching practice Michele worked as an international business consultant driving growth for SMEs. She partnered with companies from almost every industry imagineable and worked on projects in over 50 countries. Michele has a BA in Economics from Cornell University and a Masters in International business from ESIC. Michele coaches individuals, teams and organizations to transformative growth. She also serves as an advisor for high growth companies, collaborates on projects in applied behavioural science and volunteers her time as a mentor for up and comming talent.


I have focused my career on helping companies successfully drive growth. These are the pillars that I consider build a solid foundation for success:

  1. Awareness that the essence of Growth is actually Change
  2. The things that make a person or company successful at one stage of any journey are not necesarily the same things that will make them successful as they enter a new stage.
  3. The impact of human capital on business is enormous and the ability to adapt attitudes, behaviours and communication in an agile way to meet market demand is possibly the most important factor leading to success, surpassing by far strategic or technical considerations.

Fortunately learning to adapt is a skill that can be developed, practised and mastered by anyone willing to put in the effort. My experienced has been that coaching is the single most poweful and impactful way to identify and work on the skills that will lead professionals to be successful change agents. Although the coaching work is personalized to each individual, the impact that just one change in a particular attitude, behaviour or communication by any individual can have on a wider group of teammates, colleagues, partners or stakeholders is shockingly grand. There truly is a ripple effect that happens and coaching just one individual is a catalyst to a much larger change felt by many.

That, to me, is extremely powerful and motivates me to dedicate my time and energy to coaching already successful leaders committed their own professional growth.


There are many coaches out there and finding the right one is crucial to the success of the coaching process. This is what I feel are my strengths as a coach.

  1. I ask the right questions at the right moment
  2. I listening attentively to the coachee, trying to piece together data points into useful information.
  3. I lovingly challenge my clients to expand their perspective, open their minds to new possibilities, & to see themselves and their enviornment through another lens.
  4. I set actionable and realistic goals for my clients and serve as an their accountability partner making coaching both insightful and practical.

Behind the Scenes

  • I find people fascinating. For as long as I can remember I´ve loved observing and reflecting on human behaviour and how we related to each other.
  • I am curious by nature about everyone and everthing.
  • I am an aspiring polymath. I love learning and trying new things.
  • I am a traveler. Exploration and adventure are things that energize me.
  • I am an athlete.
  • I have a quirky sense of humor. It´s a little ironic and absurd. I find stupid, easy jokes extremely funny. I also laugh outload at my own jokes.
  • Movement is essential for me and forms an integral part of my wellbeing. This definately includes a wide variety of sports and other physical activity. It also is about always moving forward as well in a more philosophical sense.
  • Music is another passion that lights me up.
  • I´m a self declared non- technical data scientist that loves the power of extrapolating useful information from data
  • Beliver in and practicioner of constant innovation and the importance of creativity