Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a powerful and personalized way for successful professionals to become more influential and more impactful leaders.   Curious,  Smart,  Dedicated,  and  Talented professionals at  all levels of an organization will benefit from Executive Coaching.

  • Coaching helps people refine their thinking, expand their perspective, choose the correct mindset and to adapt their communication and behavior to best meet the demands of each moment
  • Executive coaching can be successfully applied to individuals, groups, teams and organizations as a tool  for change and  growth
  • Executive Coaching supports professional development by providing resources to help employees advance in their careers
  • While coaching can be used to improve weaknesses, it is the most powerful and personalized tool to generate exponential growth for already high performing professionals

Executive Coaching is a tool for exponential growth. A coach is a domain expert in serving as a thinking partner.

Coaching provides the individualized support necessary for every professional  to become a more effective communicator, and an inspiring leader who has a positive impact on people and business.

Good coaching can help you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

Our Coaching Services:

Executive Coaching for Individuals

 Leadership Development through Coaching. Be a great Leader. Master the art and science of inspiring and Influence.

High Performance Team Coaching

Could your organization benefit from more effective collaboration amongst and across teams? Develop High Performance Teams through coaching

Organizational Coaching

An organization extends beyond an individual or a team. Coaching supports people to work better together within the ecosystem of their organization.

What is Lead to Growth Coaching ?

Lead to Growth Coaching is based on our philosophy that coaching should be insightful, results oriented and practical. Coachees meet their goals by first achieving some quick wins and then build on that momentum to create significant and lasting growth.

Michele H. Cohen, the Executive Coach behind the brand has focused her career on helping companies and professionals successfully drive growth. These are the pillars she finds are crucial to building a solid foundation for success:

  • Awareness that the essence of Growth is actually Change
  • The things that make a person or company successful at one stage of any journey are not necesarily the same things that will make them successful as they enter a new stage.
  • The impact of human capital on business is enormous and the ability to adapt attitudes, behaviours and communication in an agile way to meet market demand is possibly the most important factor leading to success, surpassing by far strategic or technical considerations.

Fortunately, learning to adapt is a skill that can be developed, practised and mastered by anyone willing to put in the effort. Michele believes that coaching is the single most powerful and impactful way to identify and work on the skills that will lead professionals to be successful change agents.

Although coaching  is personalized to each individual or team, the impact that just one change in a particular attitude, behaviour or communication by any one individual can have on a wider group of teammates, colleagues, partners or stakeholders is shockingly grand. There truly is a ripple effect that happens.  Coaching just one individual is a catalyst for a much larger change felt by many. This is extremely powerful.

If you or your Employees are Dealing with any of these issues…

Conflict Resolution -Building Trust and Accountability – Creating High Performace Teams -Effective communication especially with cross-(dis)functional and cross-cultural teams – Work Life Balance -Building Resilience -Dealing with Change and Uncertaintly

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