What are clients saying about their Executive Coaching experience?

Clients come to coaching for many reasons. This is a sample of topics that clients brought to coaching sessions along with a description of their experience coaching with Michele.

How to work better Cross-Functionally

“I used to get frustrated when trying to work with people from other departments. Instead of allowing personalities and politics to blur my perspective, I now take a pragmatic approach to leadership. Anyone who is serving as a leader in the context of a difficult political structure or within a cumbersome hierarchy will benefit from Michele´s coaching, expertise and insights.”

Effective Communication and Team Building

“Thanks to the team coaching work we did with Michele, we have a better understanding of how each member of our team thinks, how we process information, and how to best communicate with eachother. Understanding the unique mind patterns and thinking talents of the team members has given us an understanding of how to work together and has built trust and appreciation amongst team member.”

Finding my Identity as a Leader

“Michele helped me to see that leadership is not just about my job title. It´s a mindset that reflects who I am. I have become more conscience of how I think, perceive and act at work, at home and within my community. I realized the true power of coaching and the tremendously positive impact on my leadership capacity.

Getting a Promotion

“I was at first not completely open to Executive Coaching when my company offered me to work with Michele. However, Michele didn´t try to fix me or work on my faults. Instead she coached to my strengths. I was rapidly able to improve what I was already doing well and that had already given me recognition within the organization. After only a few months working with Michele I was promoted to be the head of my area.”

Moving from Manager to Leader

“My coaching sessions with Michele were invaluable in helping me understand how I was perceived by others, particularly by my staff. The nature of my work is seasonal and there is always high turnover in staff from one year to the next. Due to this our team was struggling with accountability for the commitments we made to each other and the team. Coaching provided valuable insights about how I could lead the team to work better together by creating a culture of honesty, integrity and trust. As a result I was able to function more effectively, and to enjoy my work more.”

Hiring for a Balanced Leadership Team

“Our start-up was growing fast, but our growing pains seemed to repeat themselves. We often found ourselves making the same mistakes more than once.  I worked with Michele to understand how my mind works. Understanding how I process information has allowed me to develop a strategy to exploit my strengths and be aware of blind spots. I now enlist people on my team and throughout the organization that compliment eachother. Through this process we now have a more balanced leadership team and that change has impacted the entire organization.”

Learn to Delegate as a New Manager

“Working with Michele has helped me be more aware of others perspectives. It was enlightening to me to see that I saw delegating responsibility as a potential risk. I defined clear expectations for my team, communicated them, and then held accountability. When I started to delegate, I watched others start to shine. She helped me create an engaged team with employees that feel challenged, respected and valued by both their peers and management”

Imposter Syndrome and Managing Self- Doubt

“Although I hold a high position within my organization, I often found myself struggling with a perceived lack of confidence. My colleagues always seemed to have “more” of something than I did whether that be experience, industry knowledge, technical skills, etc… Michele helped me gain perspective, break down my thinking, understand the feelings and emotions I was experiencing and then create an action plan to destroy my self imposed barriers.  I  learned to trust my own instincts and enhanced my confidence in listening to what my “gut” tells me.”

Managing Up, Sideways, Diagonally and  basically everyway but down

” I have always been business, goal and objective oriented. I am a numbers guy. I like to beat my targets, grow the business and think it terms of growth and profitability. This has given me quite a bit of success within the organization and so I have been promoted to senior leadership. However, I am now in a position where politics & relationships seems to be just as if not even more important that generating business. The coaching sessions with Michele have been key to helping me adapt my thinking, adjust to the new situation and requirements of the job. Most of all the perspective I have gained has given me renewed energy and hope to succeed in this position.”

Dealing with Conflict

“I was overwhelmed by the amount of conflicts in which I was involved.  Michele isn´t afraid to deal with conflict. I worked with her to embrace and then difuse conflict in a way that aligned with my values and my organization.”

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